They may not remember the trip, but they will like going places.
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Homemade Snake Wine (rice wine + cobra)
Believed to treat aches and pains
 I left Vietnam as a small child and had no memories of the place that I had spent the first three years of my life.  This journey with my mother was only made possible with the support of my husband and his mother.  And I am very grateful to my mother for accompanying me on this trip.  She bridged a gap that would have made me a stranger to my extended family.

Here are my impressions of Vietnam:

Children are exempt from the helmet law.

To preserve beauty (pale skin), most Vietnamese women go to  extreme lengths to protect themselves from the sun.

Snake wine for sale.

Street hawker making late night snacks.

Flower stand in Delat,Vietnam.

Reuse, reduce, recycle.

Trash can.

Poor pup.

Scariest bridge, I've ever been on.

Rope Bridge
Traditional Hmong weaving.

View from hotel in Delat.

Famous pond in which a pair of star-crossed lovers drowned themselves.

Nha Trang Beach

Street vendor roasting sweet potatoes right on the beach.

Fresh seafood right on the beach. For $5 US, you can eat like a king.

Sunrise, Nha Trang beach.

Open air market Nha Trang.

Morning ice delivery.  Most people do not have refrigeration.


This is what well-to-do looks like.



To market to market, we go.

Traditional Leaf House

Fishing boat in Mekong Delta.

Local tourist.

After the rain, the working children took a few minutes to play.

Peeling cashews, she makes 30 cent a day.

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